어디든 좋아 우리 오늘밤 떠나볼래? 떠나볼래?
어디든 좋아 우리 오늘밤
떠나볼래? 떠나볼래?
As of 2014 the only idol groups in SM that have all of their members are Shinee and Red Velvet. —The Great Downfall (via exodirtyconfessions)

Jessica & SM

I really should go to bed, but I wanna give my two cents on the matter… kind of.

I read many ridiculous reasons as to why Jessica is being “forced out” of SNSD. The ones that seem legit are of her getting married, because let’s face it - she and Tyler Kwon are totally dating, and the fact she won’t be able to cope with BLANC, SNSD and studying.

The first one - I don’t really care if they date, marry or have children - their life, their decisions, they are people, too. I support all idol relationships if they are healthy ones, of course.

About the second reason… She did say she was going to quit after one more album, which I see more as her promoting BLANC with the name of SNSD than being part of the team. I don’t and won’t point a finger and say she’s the one to blame. I just think if she thought she couldn’t cope with all, which is absolutely normal, she should have said something and not act like she did with the Weibo posts. But once again I think, she just wanted a boost of popularity for her brand and than quiet, peaceful life as a designer and not an idol.

As for SM, I really don’t think they were up to kicking her out just after they renewed their contracts, it’s ridiculous and plain stupid to do so. They most probably thought as I did, that she wants to promote BLANC with the name of the group, in other words to put SNSD behind her brand, which they couldn’t accept.

Yes, of course, all of this could have been talked out or both sides could have made a compromise, which clearly didn’t happen or didn’t go according to what both sides expected.

I don’t get why everyone bashes either side.

I don’t know what happened, you don’t know what happened, no one here does. And lastly, we can’t have everything in life, we have to make choices and take responsibility.

P.S. This is coming from a fan of Jessica. Just because I’m her fan doesn’t mean I have to like/support every single thing she does.

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