Red Velvet

The hate, oh, the hate - it’s more than ridiculous.

They do feel rushed, but it doesn’t mean they are not good.

SM needs a new girl group before SNSD retires as a group, which might or might not be soon (let’s hope for the latter because I really like them~).

Believe it or not f(x) are not the most successful project of SM - quite far from it, unfortunately. Yes, they do have a big international fandom, but the Korean one is not as strong, but what is more important - it’s not as strong as SM would want it to be.

True, there are far more unique groups - visual wise, but they are pretty. The concept is a bit strange to me, but I’ll give them a shot, so why don’t you?

Don’t hate on them because of SNSD or f(x), they are not responsible for what’s happening - the company is. So give them a shot and don’t spread hate unnecessarily ^^